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TecBox is Certified

checkmark CFIA/CWPCA (Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association) inspected regularly for compliance.
checkmark CWPCP (Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program)
checkmark ISPM#15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 15) regulations.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001: 2015
Certificate No. CAN1912

Product Protection

To provide maximum product protection, we foam the inner box.

Further protective requirements will be discussed and designed individually to fit your needs and specific requirements.

Important Information for Manufacturers and/or Suppliers shipping to the United States

Wood Packaging Materials (wooden crates/boxes shipments to/ from Canada/USA)

Currently wood packaging materials (e.g. wooden crates) which are shipped from Canada into the USA are EXCEMPT from international “ISPM No.15” regulations, which apply to shipments into all other countries worldwide. Until now, wooden containers/boxes shipped into the USA did not have to comply with the “ISPM No.15” regulations.

Effective December 2010, the USA have cancelled this bilateral agreement with Canada and will enforce the “ISPM No.15” regulations on all shipments originating from Canada.

What does this mean for Canadian manufacturers and suppliers shipping products into the USA? Essentially there are two options to consider: “MAKE or BUY”. Like all prudent business decisions, the relative merits of each option needs to be carefully considered based on the unique needs of the enterprise.

Apply for certification through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), be prepared to document all processes in detail, and produce a Quality Manual. That will be reviewed and approved by CFIA, based on their very detailed regulations. The manual needs to be updated on a regular basis and submitted for approval. The overall certification and administrative process results in yearly fees and internal costs. Additionally the licensed facility will be regularly inspected for compliance which causes increased fees and time commitments.  

Use a licensed and experienced service provider to source these services to a professional supplier such as TecBox International LTD. Many organizations have already discovered that sourcing these non-core processes to TECBOX is both efficient and economical when all factors are considered. You will also avoid administrative “red tape” and can depend on being well served by TECBOX’s proven processes: FAST – CUSTOMIZED – ON-TIME – GOOD QUALITY – COST EFFECTIVE

OR ...

Consider Cardboard!
The trend has been established, the technology proven and the many benefits are being well received in the shipping world. Switching to strong / protective cardboard crates is safe, efficient, and cost effective for both shipper and receiver! Cardboard Crating is ideal for custom orders and small production runs are easily accommodated.

With cardboard Crating, there are NO regulation issues (ISPM No. 15 doesn’t apply) and you also save freight costs due to reduced shipping weights.

Please contact us to discuss these options and discover why TECBOX is ideally situated to be a strategic partner in your shipping supply chain.

While the exact timelines for the implementation of the new regulations have not been finalized, it is expected that implementation will begin with a phased-in plan commencing in 2012.

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